Events 2009

The last result is FO.PRO.RE.SCO. created to prevent speculations on the starting scholastic year 2009/10. In this way, also not-rich families can buy exercise-books, uniforms etc.

We are firmly convinced that education, istruction are the right way to a right progress, in Burundi and in other places.

The fairy was delithed by former unlucky and difficult boys that, now,knowing a job and are dancers or acrobats.

Burundian very famous actors played an half an hour piece, thought for children, to explain the importance of the school and the right way to spend money.

In the evening, a fashion show with beautiful creations of the burundiam atelier.

Also a lecture for children, with a comics, lot of drawings an explainations in traditional language, about AIDS.

Children among poverty, easy money and school must be in condition - mental and familiar - to choose the school and, so, a better future.